About Us

TINGKO SELECT was founded in 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan, born from an interior designer’s pursuit for unique home goods with kindred personalities and stories — offering a touch of magic for our interior lives.

Magic can be discovered in the most unexpected of places. For some, it is a fantastical realm of spells and wizardry, while for others, it is a spark of enchantment amidst the fireworks of Disney or Howl's Moving Castle. But for me, magic is found in the simplest of moments, hidden in the stillness of pause and appreciation.

It is in the moment of gaze at my favorite coffee mug, in the funky and colorful plate that croissant dwells on, and in the whimsical shapes of the vase that adorns my living room table. As an interior designer, I have come to understand that the magic of life is intertwined with intention, curation, and creativity of our living space. Objects, big or small, hold the power to unlock life’s hidden treasures and bring joy to our at times mundane days. 

With Tingko Select, I strive to share this joy and invite others to join me and fellow artists in the quest for magic in their everyday lives. 

Tingko Chiu


Tingko Select celebrates playful living through the artistry of makers from around the world, such as the US, Spain, and Japan. Each brings their own unique sense of magic and story to their creations. 

Our artists range from established names in the design world to talented up-and-comers. We are dedicated to supporting designers who produce high-quality and distinct products.


We only have one earth, and at Tingko Select, we are dedicated to promoting sustainability and responsible production practices in all of our curated products. We support small-batch and individual artisans who utilize ethical and environmentally friendly methods to create their unique, high-quality goods and we are committed to  providing sustainable packaging.  By offering these items in our store, we aim to reduce waste and create a more sustainable future for our customers and the planet. 

We aim to educate our customers about the design stories and effort behind responsibly produced products, encouraging them to re-evaluate their relationship with objects. We hope that by highlighting the differences between our products and mass-produced items, our customers will make intentional purchasing decisions in the future.