• Maison Balzac - 2 Gin & Tonic Glasses · TINGKO SELECT
  • Maison Balzac - 2 Gin & Tonic Glasses · TINGKO SELECT
  • Maison Balzac - 2 Gin & Tonic Glasses · TINGKO SELECT

    Maison Balzac

    2 Gin & Tonic Glasses

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    Here we have two very clever Gin & Tonic Glasses. Sincerely dedicated to the art of creating the perfect G&T, they always carry a lime in their hearts to make sure you are never caught without the essential finishing touch!


    All Maison Balzac borosilicate glass is meticulously hand blown and shaped by our skilled makers.

    Colour: Clear/Green


    Height 10 cm, Diameter at Base 7.7 cm, Diameter at Mouth 8.4 cm

    Capacity Approx 450ml

    Made from 100% Borosilicate glass.

    Each Glass features the Maison Balzac star logo on its base.

    Our glassware is hand blown, and as a result slight variances in shape, size and colour may occur. These variances are part of the inherent charm of handmade products, and should not be considered a fault. Any irregularities that may occur will never deter from the overall aesthetic of the product, or hinder its ability to be used as intended.

    Although all Maison Balzac glassware is dishwasher safe, we recommend gently hand washing with a soft bristle brush as these are precious glasses! 

    Avoid using strong alkali soaps, as these may damage the glass. 

    Take care not to bump glassware against hard surfaces or other vessels during cleaning. 

    Avoid putting ice directly in the empty glass; add the liquid first, then add ice and drink up!

    About The Brand

    Created in Australia in 2012 by French-born Elise Pioch Balzac to express her endless imagination — Maison Balzac is known for their glasswares and delicate objects created in Sydney, Australia. It has greatly expanded to become a house of playful handmade objects for everyday life.