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  • Abstract Dinosaur Phone Grip


    Abstract Dinosaur Phone Grip

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    Your quest for an adorable and unique phone grip ends here. Introducing Abstract Dinosaur phone grip, a design that is inspired by the shapes and elements of vases, resulting in a fun and unique geometry.

    Designed in Japan, our adjustable grip boasts two height settings and a 360-degree rotation feature, allowing you to showcase your phone from any angle. Elevate your phone case's aesthetics with a touch of flair that's bound to turn heads.

    Materials: acrylic, epoxy resin, plastic
    Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.6 cm

    Applying your new smartphone grip is a breeze:

    Peel off the adhesive tape's protective sheet.
    Affix the grip to the flat surface of your case.
    The robust adhesive ensures a secure bond for lasting placement.
    Exercise caution while pasting to ensure precise alignment.

    For optimal results, we recommend using the grip with cases crafted from plastic, polycarbonate, or TPU materials. When attaching to a TPU case, ensure the base is securely connected to the smartphone body.

    Please note that our grip may not adhere well to silicone or EVA material cases. Additionally, adhesive performance on synthetic and genuine leather cases may vary depending on texture.

    Important Note: Pre-application

    Cleaning Before attaching your new Phone Grip, we recommend ensuring a clean surface on your phone case. Wipe down your case to remove any dust, dirt, or oils that might affect the adhesive's effectiveness.

    Important Note: Liability Disclaimer

    While we take immense pride in the quality and performance of our curated products, we want to ensure that you use it with care. Tingko Select does not accept responsibility for any damage that might occur to your smartphone or its case due to the use of our product. Before applying the grip, we strongly recommend reviewing your phone case's material and ensuring compatibility. Please adhere to our usage guidelines provided above for the best results and to prevent any potential damag

    About The Brand

    SALAH is a Japanese accessories brand founded by Sachiko in 2016. Sachiko creates accessory pieces that beautifully capture and preserve cherished memories in each design.